Time for a change! Change in Season, Change in Commitment.

Fall is a great time to spend more time being active outside.  With a change in season, the crisp, fall air makes exercising outdoors invigorating and refreshing.  Even with the change in the weather, you may find it difficult to fit exercise into your busy fall schedule. Make a commitment to work out this fall and improve your fitness level before the cold winter months begin.

Motivation…how do you find it?

Now is a great time to evaluate your level of commitment to your health. Motivation is defined as that which gives purpose and direction to behavior. Where do we find that something that motivates us? Some people find motivation through competitions and the desire to win. Others find motivation through a desire to be healthy. For many, goals such as losing weight are also driving factors.

The problem with motivation is that many of us believe it’s something that will come to us if we wait long enough…that someday we’ll wake up and finally want to exercise. Rather than believe in that fantasy, maybe we’d all be better off by realizing that motivation is something we create, not something we wait for.

Redefining Motivation

Motivation comes from different places –it’s not based on how we feel or even something we have to wait around for. It’s something we create for ourselves. Use the following elements to create your own motivation, and you’ll find that exercising and being healthy will be easier.

The first step in finding motivation is having something to work toward. Your overall goal can be weight loss, running a marathon, improving your cholesterol or your blood pressure. You must find something that you want to achieve.

Write it down. A goal is more valid when you put it in writing. Once you have your overall goal in place, now it is time to set smaller goals defining how you are going to get there. The smaller goals will help you work towards your overall goal. For example, if your goal is to run a 5K, then a good place to start would be to start walking for 15 minutes at least three days each week and slowly increase the number of days, the speed and the frequency of your exercise. An activity log is also an excellent way for you to track your progress and celebrate your small successes.


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