Empowering You to Lose Weight

So you are finally ready to take control of your health. The question is …where do I start? Here are some simple tips to help you on your weight loss journey.


Maintain your weight over by limiting how much you put on your plate. If everything looks good, just take half of what you usually would and take your time eating. Once you have finished that, if you are still hungry, take a little more and eat only until you are satisfied but not overfull.


If a party is on your list of places to go today, help to curb your appetite by eating a small, healthy meal before you go. By doing this, you won’t arrive at the party famished and instinctively overfill your plate.


Make it a goal to maintain or lose weight this season by eating smart. This goal gives you a better chance of succeeding. Are you finding yourself eating on the run?


Eating regularly around every 4-5 hours can help you not get overly hungry and eat a large amount of food the next time you eat (binge eating). Skipping meals does not always help you save the calories that you think it can.


Depriving yourself of foods can lead to an obsession of those foods. Giving yourself permission to enjoy small amounts of your favorite food can help you to start to build a healthy relationship with food.  Eat smart by allowing yourself to enjoy small amounts off what you love and pass up on the guilt the usually follows it.


Tell your friends and family members that you want to maintain or lose weight. This will allow them to support you. Surrounding yourself with those who have your best interest in mind is a key to helping you find your success.


Your healthy lifestyle is not all or nothing.  If you overindulge or can’t squeeze in your workout routine, all is not lost. Do not let guilt overtake you because you have not failed. You are in control of your health. Remind yourself what your overall goals are and your next decisions can get you moving in the right direction.

Taking small steps to help you Eat Smart, Be Active, and Think Well takes a whole life approach to help you successfully manage and lose weight. Whether you are considering surgical or non-surgical weight loss, the team at the Weight Treatment Center is here to help you explore your relationship with food and help Empower you to Lose Weight.


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