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Empowering You to Lose Weight

So you are finally ready to take control of your health. The question is …where do I start? Here are some simple tips to help you on your weight loss journey. START SMALL Maintain your weight over by limiting how much you put on your plate. If everything looks good, just take half of what […]

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Weight Loss Surgery and Snacking

Beware:  snacking can be the death of any solid weight loss plan, but most especially if you’ve had weight loss surgery. Although healthy eating between meals can control hunger, prevent overeating and help blood sugars from dropping too low, those calories from frequent snacking can quickly sneak up on you, sabotaging all those good plans. […]

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Our Patients Never Cease to Amaze: Shauna’s Story

Bariatric surgery patient, Shauna Lazano, talks about her success with weight loss surgery at St. Mark’s Hospital. She also gives advice to those who are contemplating bariatric surgery or are looking for solutions for obesity.

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