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New Year’s: Time to Rethink those Lofty Resolutions

A new year is upon us and taking time to review the past year and set new resolutions can help us march forward to better health, wealth and relationships. Unfortunately, it seems that many people now opt out of this “tradition” to improve. Why? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that sometimes […]

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Weight Loss Surgery and Snacking

Beware:  snacking can be the death of any solid weight loss plan, but most especially if you’ve had weight loss surgery. Although healthy eating between meals can control hunger, prevent overeating and help blood sugars from dropping too low, those calories from frequent snacking can quickly sneak up on you, sabotaging all those good plans. […]

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Time for a change! Change in Season, Change in Commitment.

Fall is a great time to spend more time being active outside.  With a change in season, the crisp, fall air makes exercising outdoors invigorating and refreshing.  Even with the change in the weather, you may find it difficult to fit exercise into your busy fall schedule. Make a commitment to work out this fall […]

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