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Hunger: Friend or Foe?

Hunger is deemed to be a four-letter word in almost every dieter’s book. It seems many people are desperately trying to find the solution to prevent hunger. In our search for the answer, is hunger really the enemy? Hunger is a complex signaling system within our body that relies on neurons, hormones, the hypothalamus and […]

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Downsizing Your Portions

Do you find yourself so hungry that you could literally eat a house? Have you noticed how much you dish on your plate when let yourself get that hungry? It is time to battle back and empower you to take control of your hunger and your portions. Research shows that we are likely to eat […]

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Phyto- what? Arming Yourself to Eat Smart.

It seems that everywhere you turn, calories are staring you in the face. It can be a little intimidating that everything seems to be taunting you to “Eat! Eat!” It seems many of us are always on a diet, which only makes you think about what? Food! Clever marketing and head hunger often times overpower […]

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